Saturday, January 16, 2010




It has been several months since I've actually is very shameful for me to actually call myself a blogger. With my discovery of the convenient social network know as twitter accessible right from my blackberry phone...its been tough to find a moment at home.

At any rate I have a plethora of new information
& updates to share with the Slumz World!!!!

I've been hard at work on the "Main Event" album...and being the perfectionist that I am its taking longer than imaged. This is my first album and I want to make a mark on Hip-Hop as well as contribute to revitalizing the commercial and financial force behind rap music. So everyone who has been supporting me through out this long journey as well as all the soon to be supporters and fans you have a classic album to look forward to in 2010.

In the Mean time I've been making a lot of power moves which include fine tuning the Career Crookz Records roster & launching a R&B Counter Part (sister label) Star Stru-Q Entertainment

As far as Career Crookz Records we signed a few artist this year...along with Original Artist Chase Dolla$...Mook G Star, Tavi Buttons and Sequoia all jointed the ranks. We collectively are working on the "Rich Get Richer" Compilation Album to release shortly after my solo album so make sure you guys check for that!!!!

The young upstart label Star Stru-Q Entertainment to be ran by Patrice Hicks is in the process of signing Singer/Song-Writer/Dancer "Jody Jaz" as well as R&B Sensation "Azari Love"

As for Tai Slumz the Artist while I'm prepping the Main Event I'm putting together "Now Showin..." Mixtape which is compilation of freestyles, remixes, and original material themed after a Hollywood movie idea. "Now Showin..." is scheduled to be available for free download via various websites Feb 4Th, 2010
Stay tuned "uh uhhhhhhh"