Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hate to say i told you//but the MUSIC made a Mogul

what up blogspottaz

"They dont know how to act since the Money started coming//Trend-a-Trendsetta and they wouldn't love me if i wasn't"

I'm working on my next single which should be out for download (via, and of course thru this blogsite) and is about to explode leak on the radio with in a DJ's holla for the exclusive mixes!!!

Outside of being a full time Recording Artist and Running my Independent Label. I wear alot of hats one being a Trendsetta (had to Squeeze my promotional mentions in lol) and one of my bars on the records is above. And it dawned on me that the game is in need of such a record and such a artist. The overly commonly used word "SWAG" is closely tied into the idea behind "Trendsetta". So check out and support the record

Thursday, June 4, 2009

M.I.A. Literally

Okay Bloggaz Slizzy iz back!!!!!

I am probably the worst blogger to ever blog I know but I now am turning over a new leaf!!! lol

Ive most recently been cheating on blogspot with Twitter (shout out to Twitterberry on my blackberry!!! definitely poppin tho) yall can log on and follow Tai Slumz today at to catch up on what ya boy has been doing these last 2 months. Im fresh back in town from Miami enjoying some R&R for Memorial Day Wknd...Slizzy and Sonny Johnson shut down South Beach (Shout out to Red Cafe & Shakedown Fam, Loso & Street Fam, Un Kasa & Dipset, DJ Putta, Justice, DJ Drama & AMG and anyone else I fuckz with and ran into). All in all it was a good gettaway I actually got a chance to meet a Cape Verdian hottie!!! yall niggas need to catch up lol ( Holla at me Red).

I linked up with Coby P out in the Lou (for those untraveled folk thats St. Louis lol) and he has delivered two certified hit records for the Main Event Album (Career Crookz Records) in the forms of the swag anthem "Trendsetta" feat Federro & Red Cafe and Captivating Club Smash "Take You Home" feat. Bryant Stewart.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Career Crookz Records - Shake Down

Blog Spot Welcome back ya boy!!!! Blog Spot Poster Child lol.

its been over a month since we've held this organized gathering to discuss the considerably significant happenings of my day to day life style. Well itz back to the Lifestyles of the Hood - Rich and the Famous. It is clear that Career Crookz Records and runs DC. Shout out to Shakedown Records ( Bullet & Red Cafe!!!). New Record on the way "Trendsetta" Remix featuring RED CAFE. But yeah everything is everything....we've been taking over the club as usually...but now we getting ready to make the jump to ATL then South Beach! So May 22th thru the 27th you can catch Slizzy Surfin it (I'm Wavy on em). So in order to prepare for this massive take over of Miami I've decided to finally finish my tattoo sleeves on my arms and invest in a new chain (Shout out to Kaye of the District that's my Jeweler!!!). Make sure ya'll support that new Red Cafe "Hottest in the Hood" shit is heavy tho. Ladies hit me up to find out how you can get involved with the movement. Blogspot shoot me idea's for my tattoos (lmao) itz Movinnnnn lol

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crime Pay$ Tour

You are now rockin with the BEST!

iight so if anyone knows Slizzy (like who wouldn't right?!?) you know when it comes to putting on a live show thats what I do (uh huh I do'z this!). So currently the latest on the Career Crookz Records Camp is a tour we are planning for the Spring. "The Crime Pay$ Tour" now the name in its self tells you that this is going to be a bossed up event. We are using this tour to spring board the album and generate interest in other cities (what any typical tour is for...right? right. yall knew that). We now have a new DJ big shout out to DJ Freaky Ty we are currently working on the first installment of his Mixtape series "Money Off The Bookz". Freaky Ty will be rocking with us on this 10 city tour. With in the next week or two we should have exact dates, times and locations confirmed. Currently there are no "Majors" (if that's what you you wanna call em) rocking with us. However we have a laundry list of Show Stopping Artist that will be out there....for more information contact Precious (Director of Public Relations) at

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Came from Pitchin in the Projects, Visiting the Tropics

Cant keep it in the pocket, it aint tricking if you got it//came from pitchin' in the projects to visiting the tropics

One of my favorite lines from the "New Girl" record Ive been thinking how and where to spend my up coming birthday (May 17Th...break out your calendars). I want to do something exotic on a one on one basis with a lady friend (Right JJ). I usually hit New York then of course there's always South Beach tear the club down, party and bullshit whatever. But this year I'm thinking something new. So I've got my eye on a few spots and surprisingly one of them isn't a island (as fond as I am of tropical islands) its Cabo!!!!! I know its not technically a island but its definitely a hot spot. So blogspot hit me with any ideas yall might have for me

Chase Dolla$ - Career Crookz Records


love that name yo!!! my homie/artist Chase Dolla$ gave me that name. Shout out to Chaseo make sure yall check out his myspace page too, he has a few of the tracks of his mixtape (Show me the Money) on there. Chase has been working hard expanding the Career Crookz Records Brand in the mid west with some new singles and this mixtape as well as a new album entitled "the Road 2 Riches" on the way. Born in Brooklyn NY and raised in Detroit Michigan we immediately connected with our ambitious drive for cash flow. He came on board in 2006 as a Artist and is now President of the company as well. We are looking foward to following my "Main Event" Album with his first solo album. So make sure you check him out!!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I Can Put You ONNN!!!!

Waddup tho

Its a new year and in the light of all the career advancements that we have laid out for this year I decided I want to treat myself to a nice, late Christmas gift. I've always been in love with fast cars and even faster girls ( just jokin lol). We talking money ya'll and since I'm a fan of early Ma$e (Bad Boy) "I never spend no dough on the booty". So I can put my dollars on the 1st one. Every one is doing the Beamers and the Benz but I spotted the unlikely up and coming "hottness". I'm a Trend Setter hence my New Single of the same title. And I think I want to cop the New Audi A5 check it out yall and let me know what yall think.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Have you seen SLUMZ???"

"Have you seen SLUMZ???"

Inside joke!!! one day me and my artist Touch (wasn't officially my artist at the time) were club hopping with a lady friend of mine and I use the term friend loosely because I have specific criteria that has to be met before I can use that title with someone. Anyway we were closing the night off and I was driving her back to her car which was parked by the Avenue Night Club. Now I liked to say that this chick is from Northern VA and is not accustomed to seeing violence, drugs and general hood ish (what does ish even mean right??? it really has no correlation with the word SHIT) and has lived a rather sheltered life. So we pull up and there's a 50 man brawl going on in the middle of New York Avenue...I see one of the dudes from my high school throwing punches so I get involved I throw a couple, touch throws a couple we get it on!!!! My lady friend runs to her car and is ready to leave me at this point (can't really blame her tho). She decides that she wants to make sure im good tho so she wanders into the brawl and finds Touch and what does she say yall "HAVE YOU SEEN SLUMZ???" (you guessed it) i know classic lol. This has been the groupie calling card for Tai Slumz since!!!! lol

anyway if you find yourself asking around "HAVE YOU SEEN SLUMZ???" here is where I can be found now a dayz lol








but get at me if you need to get it popping in my town kuz i definitely has a "G" pass lol

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Model Call at the Republic

Back at yall!!!

my older brother reminded me that i haven't blogged in a few weeks so here we go.....

First of all happy New Year to everyone. I had a enjoyable New Years me and Tunde tore DC down...Club after Club, Bottle after Bottle, Night after Night!!!! Shout out to my older brother Tunde out in Nashville. We are now in a New Year, 09 is finally here and that means its grind time for The Career Crookz Camp. We are soon to start filming my documentary and video's for the Main Event Album. We Just held the first out of 3 model calls to find the hottest video vixens for the "New Girl" Video. It was a decent turn out shout out to Kaye Thornton for putting that together. Thanks to all the gorgeous ladies that came out to support and be apart of history. In 2 weeks we will find our selves at the second call so ladies who didn't make it out Saturday lets get it in!!!!