Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crime Pay$ Tour

You are now rockin with the BEST!

iight so if anyone knows Slizzy (like who wouldn't right?!?) you know when it comes to putting on a live show thats what I do (uh huh I do'z this!). So currently the latest on the Career Crookz Records Camp is a tour we are planning for the Spring. "The Crime Pay$ Tour" now the name in its self tells you that this is going to be a bossed up event. We are using this tour to spring board the album and generate interest in other cities (what any typical tour is for...right? right. yall knew that). We now have a new DJ big shout out to DJ Freaky Ty we are currently working on the first installment of his Mixtape series "Money Off The Bookz". Freaky Ty will be rocking with us on this 10 city tour. With in the next week or two we should have exact dates, times and locations confirmed. Currently there are no "Majors" (if that's what you you wanna call em) rocking with us. However we have a laundry list of Show Stopping Artist that will be out there....for more information contact Precious (Director of Public Relations) at

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