Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Came from Pitchin in the Projects, Visiting the Tropics

Cant keep it in the pocket, it aint tricking if you got it//came from pitchin' in the projects to visiting the tropics

One of my favorite lines from the "New Girl" record right...so Ive been thinking how and where to spend my up coming birthday (May 17Th...break out your calendars). I want to do something exotic on a one on one basis with a lady friend (Right JJ). I usually hit New York then of course there's always South Beach tear the club down, party and bullshit whatever. But this year I'm thinking something new. So I've got my eye on a few spots and surprisingly one of them isn't a island (as fond as I am of tropical islands) its Cabo!!!!! I know its not technically a island but its definitely a hot spot. So blogspot hit me with any ideas yall might have for me


Jamie said...

I heard that Cabo is great.
I've also heard good things about
Exuma Islands, Turtle Islands and if you're trying to spend all your cash - St. Tropez or Bora Bora lol
I'm sure you'll make it worthwhile wherever you (and JJ) decide to go.

Ro said...

U gettin up there in age ma dude...lol. But Cabo def. would be a good look tho. Do it big or don't do it at all!! <3