Thursday, September 30, 2010

Engineer Slizzy


What it look like??? I've decided to start updating my Blogspot with footage from my day to day life. In the studio (Gemstar Pro)I was experimenting around with Sequoia's sound trying to find a signature lane for her.

Sequoia is the third artist I've taken interest in and have extended Career Crookz Records contracts to. She is currently working on records and appearing on upcoming Mixtape Release from myself and Mook Milli (Career Crookz Artist). I'm going to do separate blog post for all of my artist real soon.

"Welcome 2 the Slumz" MIXTAPE Coming Soon.....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome 2 the Slumz MIXTAPE

Waddup Bloggerz!!!!

itz officially that time!!! OCTOBER is here and were closing up the 1st mixtape of the year!

My everlasting perfectionist syndrome & the schedule conflict ion between me & my DJ (@DJKI of the Powerhouse DJ's - Follow him on twitter) has caused several delays on the the Tape. I actually appreciate the fanz flooding my Facebook inbox, wall & my twitter page with inquires about it. *WELCOME 2 THE SLUMZ* will be out Mid-October!!!! (Amen). I'm going to be back later this week to Release the Cover Art for the Tape and maybe some teaser music.
Also I've sat down with the Label (Career Crookz b**ches!!!) and Blak Byrd Music and we have agreed that the effectiveness & visibility that a official retail release could provide is not something that would be in our best interest to ignore. So before we go into this huge album next year we've got a few more mixtape releases and a EP. Yes yes yes I said EP. Tentatively titled "Damage Control" through my current joint label venture. Its going to be available through iTunes, Amazon,, and in All music store outlets. We haven't decided which Singles or features will appear on which project but we have quite a bit of my music to choose from.
There are quite few producers I have to have on these Projects including Kajmir Royale, Vybez Beatz, Fedarro, Jacoby P, and a few other usual producer collaborators. At any rate I guarantee that my fanz will be really pleased with the music I have coming......stay tuned!!!
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