Friday, December 19, 2008

Where did the Market go???

Blogspot....whats goodie???

I'm back at yall...its a dreary friday I know. So is this unforeseen turn of events going to foil my perfectly planned week??? (refer back to Monday's blog "Krazi Week") not likely.

As I'm perched in doors waiting out this raining weather, I've decided what a better time then now to holla at y'all. I jump on and I saw that Touch is now officially a Blogspotta (Big up Touchy), yall make sure yall get at him at So I'm reflecting and watching this Masta Ace interview on (my favorite on-line hip-hop network). He was on there talking about how MC Shan didn't wanna be on the Symphony record because it had too many new jacks on it. Real interesting seeing as how all of the artist that recorded on that record had longer careers than his lol. Now mind you I'm not nearly old enough to have been that heavy into music then so needless to say Masta Ace wasn't ever a big inspiration to me. Anyway back in 2002 Masta Ace released a New School (and I really try to steer clear of every using that term due to the amount of corny-ness associated with it.) Album called "Disposable Arts" that really stood out to me. It was lyrical, creative and witty, it wasn't overly feature heavy and at the end of the day it was a concept album. This Concept album followed the story closer than Jay-Z's American Gangster followed the motion picture of the same name. This all brought a fluster of thoughts to me, I actually came up and started really following rap music in the 90's when the artist who are the stars in the game now were coming up (Jay-Z, Nas, Bad Boy etc). 1996 in particular made a relatively inexpugnable impression on me as that was the "Golden Era" in my opinion. So many albums came out I don't mean Plies style (reminder Tai is a Plies fan) push out 3 albums in one year and 1 single lucky carries your album to gold status, I mean impressive bodies of work. So at the end of the day my question is where did the fans of that era disappear to lol because these artist were doing NUMBERS then!!! What y'all think??

Hear are some of the albums that came in 1996 yall if you not in my age group......

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Play your Position

Waddup Blogspot???

iight so we are getting the hang of how this blogspot jump off works right.
Today I'm recovering from a serious hang over (because we all know that slizzy drinks way too much). The not so obvious upside to being in a drunken state is your way more open minded, and sudden revelations start to materialize as your reflecting. I am a firm believer in the first thing that you say out of your mouth is always going to have the most truth in it (right Sue??). So I recently had a fall out with my homie...and I want y'all opinion on this. We are the in-crowd and how cool would it be to be apart of the team. You get in all the hot spots in town no line no cover vip all the way, get all the hot chicks and we are the life of every party. This awesome display of public camaraderie that we have is extremely rare to find now a days. That being said we keep a very close knit circle and rarely embrace outsiders (I know at this point we sound borderline cult-ish). So one of the grass root members of the team decides to introduce new faces to the team with out actually introducing them. At this point I'm kinda put off to be hanging with complete strangers. We have a procedure as men right?? this is how it goes....
insider - "yo Tai this my man back stab, back stab this my man Tai", Tai - "word that what it is, iight well if this your man then back stab you my mans, you got any problems I'm here". Perfect text pantomime (I know!!!!!!). So my dude ends up leaving the club for the night and leaves behind two of these strangers. They end up getting into a two on 25 fight in front of the club and get tossed up (by the way that's the funniest expression i ever heard). Now we get involved in this scuffle and the insider is no where to be found. Am i now wrong for feeling like this strangers aren't my responsibility???

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Girl Record (Main Event)

"New Girl"

Iight so I was recently in a relationship with this girl (great girl). It didn't work out for a number of reasons. I realized that I wanted more out of life, and companionship is like 25% of that. Which is a brimming portion of it. I got tired of the droughty, monotonous day to day routine that we were entangled in. Rather than spiralling down in misery and depression (not poppin) I took the advice of my good friend (Shout out to Melly...Jamaica Queenz gettin money lol) "itz a minor set back for a major come back". Thus the birth of my new record and a new direction. In fear of coming across like LL Cool J, Bow Wow, Plies or even Loon (all of which I feel are great artist mind you) I didn't want a album chuck full of records segregated to a female audience. That being said I'm limiting my quota to 2 records with that subject matter. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I'm checking my Gmail account ( if your asking yourself) and i got a email from Federro a hit song writer I've had my eye on to help with my first album. He sent me the record.....I listened to it. Instant hit record. However I've been catering to my female fan base a bit excessively these last studio sessions. I didnt want Treasure (which is my engineer once again) thinking that he was engineering a Neo-Soul/Hip-Hop Hybrid or redoing Kanye West's 808's & Heartbreak (make sure yall pick that up too!). So to add as much swag (I know what your thinking...isn't the word "Swag" overly used by ppl who actually have none? I know me too!!!) to the record I decided to speak to women in general instead of doing a one on one serenade lol. Its impossible to believe that I can just disrobe such a commonly and forcefully used stereotype associated with being in the industry that I've chosen. So I've decided to embrace between the lines of the record there's probably an actual "New Girl" in there somewhere.

We are going full force with the single as the stand out record and once again the first Model Call is this Sunday at Indeblu Lounge in DC. If your are a interested model and have missed the postings on Model Mayhem or Craig's List pls me up at or hit Kaye Thorton at

Krazi Week coming up

iight, iight im back at yall!!!!

this is Slizzy talk radio so you know imma keep the grammer and all that hood! (lol).
So this week we looking at alot going on....

Monday- Mandatory Meeting for Career Crookz Records & New Money Boyz Artist/Staff and
of course Monday Nite Football lol

Tuesday- Long over due sit down and offical Signing of Touchy (Young Touch tha King)
to Career Crookz Records and partnering with Money Runnaz Inc.
(Touches Company)

Wednesday- Long over due meeting with Jamar (Director for "New Girl" Video)
Later that night we taking over the club at 1223 on Conn Ave

Thursday- In House Studio Session with Young Arty (Career Crookz Records Exe Producer)
yep whether he knows it or not lol. I need more Heat Arty!!!!!!

Friday- Slumz walk thru at Jaspers in Largo im hearing its nutz on fridays then off to
Lucky Strikes my usual spot with the team, then Furr Night Club (shout out
A- Shine, DJ Goldenboy and Ronn G)

Saturday- Studio Session Scheduled with Treasure (my engineer at Night Flight Studio's)
shout out "Big Tres" we go'z in!!! Im re-recording my Hit Record "New Girl"
Feat. Federro for the MAIN EVENT ALBUM.
Later that night we do our Weekly Party "Touch" at Republic (get at me to get on
the guest list. (Shout out Dominque Moxey)

Sunday- First Official Model Call for the "New Girl" Video at Indeblu Lounge (Pls holla if
you need info).

Hopefully everything stays on schedule...i swear i need a damn assistant. I should attach a posting for a assistant to craig's list or something lol

Thursday, December 11, 2008

New to

what up bloggerz????

Tai Slumz has officially found his way to this outlet!!! So my first entry is going to be wide open for any questions music or personal.

To the fanz who are already in tune to the movement and the music I appreciate the love and support that i've received from all of you. WE GON MAKE IT!!!
I got yall real soon with some offical releases in 2009. We are going to start releasing some of the singles from the "Main Event" Album and while thats heating up we gunna introduce yall to the "Slumlord Series Mixtapes". So we gotta alotta things on the plate and its gunna be a hot summer!!!

To all of you who havent heard of me or the movement now is the time to get familar!!!

holla at ya dawgz
1-4, Uptown, Crime Pay$, Career Crookz!!!