Monday, December 15, 2008

New Girl Record (Main Event)

"New Girl"

Iight so I was recently in a relationship with this girl (great girl). It didn't work out for a number of reasons. I realized that I wanted more out of life, and companionship is like 25% of that. Which is a brimming portion of it. I got tired of the droughty, monotonous day to day routine that we were entangled in. Rather than spiralling down in misery and depression (not poppin) I took the advice of my good friend (Shout out to Melly...Jamaica Queenz gettin money lol) "itz a minor set back for a major come back". Thus the birth of my new record and a new direction. In fear of coming across like LL Cool J, Bow Wow, Plies or even Loon (all of which I feel are great artist mind you) I didn't want a album chuck full of records segregated to a female audience. That being said I'm limiting my quota to 2 records with that subject matter. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I'm checking my Gmail account ( if your asking yourself) and i got a email from Federro a hit song writer I've had my eye on to help with my first album. He sent me the record.....I listened to it. Instant hit record. However I've been catering to my female fan base a bit excessively these last studio sessions. I didnt want Treasure (which is my engineer once again) thinking that he was engineering a Neo-Soul/Hip-Hop Hybrid or redoing Kanye West's 808's & Heartbreak (make sure yall pick that up too!). So to add as much swag (I know what your thinking...isn't the word "Swag" overly used by ppl who actually have none? I know me too!!!) to the record I decided to speak to women in general instead of doing a one on one serenade lol. Its impossible to believe that I can just disrobe such a commonly and forcefully used stereotype associated with being in the industry that I've chosen. So I've decided to embrace between the lines of the record there's probably an actual "New Girl" in there somewhere.

We are going full force with the single as the stand out record and once again the first Model Call is this Sunday at Indeblu Lounge in DC. If your are a interested model and have missed the postings on Model Mayhem or Craig's List pls me up at or hit Kaye Thorton at

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Steph said...

I don't think you should be worried about how many songs you have for the ladies vs harder songs for the fellas. There's two sides to every story so guys are going to relate to the songs about relationships as well. I've seen many a cars with big rims, tints, big men driving them...bumping ne-yo and mary j....

and don't get too carried away looking at all the models on Sunday ;-)