Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Play your Position

Waddup Blogspot???

iight so we are getting the hang of how this blogspot jump off works right.
Today I'm recovering from a serious hang over (because we all know that slizzy drinks way too much). The not so obvious upside to being in a drunken state is your way more open minded, and sudden revelations start to materialize as your reflecting. I am a firm believer in the first thing that you say out of your mouth is always going to have the most truth in it (right Sue??). So I recently had a fall out with my homie...and I want y'all opinion on this. We are the in-crowd and how cool would it be to be apart of the team. You get in all the hot spots in town no line no cover vip all the way, get all the hot chicks and we are the life of every party. This awesome display of public camaraderie that we have is extremely rare to find now a days. That being said we keep a very close knit circle and rarely embrace outsiders (I know at this point we sound borderline cult-ish). So one of the grass root members of the team decides to introduce new faces to the team with out actually introducing them. At this point I'm kinda put off to be hanging with complete strangers. We have a procedure as men right?? this is how it goes....
insider - "yo Tai this my man back stab, back stab this my man Tai", Tai - "word that what it is, iight well if this your man then back stab you my mans, you got any problems I'm here". Perfect text pantomime (I know!!!!!!). So my dude ends up leaving the club for the night and leaves behind two of these strangers. They end up getting into a two on 25 fight in front of the club and get tossed up (by the way that's the funniest expression i ever heard). Now we get involved in this scuffle and the insider is no where to be found. Am i now wrong for feeling like this strangers aren't my responsibility???


Steph said...

nah, you not wrong to feel like that. They're not your don't know them like that. Like, you don't know if they start fights everytime and everywhere they go out for no reason, if they would have your back at all, if they would try to fight you, etc. Now, if your friend started fighting for them and they were outnumbered you might want to jump in to help him out, but otherwise you don't know if the other dudes are taking advantage of knowing you ain't a punk. We would all like to think that if someone we trust, trusts someone else that the trust could transfer through but that's not always the case. Gotta be careful who you keep close to you...

and I out drink you EVERY time we go out. Even when I have to be at work at 8am the next day :-)

Young Touch The King said...

Ya mean!...yo bro this touch!...I was choppin it wit these broads and the convo of this music and labels and shit came I ain't that I told em like this....let me recollect

I'm a light sea breeze/
If you see a bad chick then you might see me/
If she gotta friend,...then you might see steve/
Or I'll keep her...dependin on how light she be/
And how round she be and how high her heels/
How long her hair and if her eyes is real/
Not to mention she gotta get her cuticles done/
And a signature move she can do wit her tongue/
Baby I'm the one,so I'm pointguard pimpin/
I Take her from you,then re-appoint y'all women/
They go down! Whenever I point y'all women/
Manajay par-tay,yea I joint y'all women/
Ima business man and that's a business move/
Merger the mami's,keep the chicks in 2's/
I address by they man,like who bitch is you?/
Fucka blind date!,I gotta kno the bitch is cute/
No disrespect,see how fucked up the world is/
And how little it takes to free fuck ya girlfriend/
Run up on her,get the number,let her see that we all dat/
I mention the moneyrunners,see how quick she call back/
I told her I love the puss she said "so-do- I"/
I told her career crookz,then I saw 5/
No jigsaw for real dawg,chicks?...I saw 5/
1 from under the table,1 from under the blinds/
1 from outta the chimney,and 2 from behind/
In a king size bed still wasn't no leg room/
But ima hoff at you bro they want me back in the bedroom!/