Friday, December 19, 2008

Where did the Market go???

Blogspot....whats goodie???

I'm back at yall...its a dreary friday I know. So is this unforeseen turn of events going to foil my perfectly planned week??? (refer back to Monday's blog "Krazi Week") not likely.

As I'm perched in doors waiting out this raining weather, I've decided what a better time then now to holla at y'all. I jump on and I saw that Touch is now officially a Blogspotta (Big up Touchy), yall make sure yall get at him at So I'm reflecting and watching this Masta Ace interview on (my favorite on-line hip-hop network). He was on there talking about how MC Shan didn't wanna be on the Symphony record because it had too many new jacks on it. Real interesting seeing as how all of the artist that recorded on that record had longer careers than his lol. Now mind you I'm not nearly old enough to have been that heavy into music then so needless to say Masta Ace wasn't ever a big inspiration to me. Anyway back in 2002 Masta Ace released a New School (and I really try to steer clear of every using that term due to the amount of corny-ness associated with it.) Album called "Disposable Arts" that really stood out to me. It was lyrical, creative and witty, it wasn't overly feature heavy and at the end of the day it was a concept album. This Concept album followed the story closer than Jay-Z's American Gangster followed the motion picture of the same name. This all brought a fluster of thoughts to me, I actually came up and started really following rap music in the 90's when the artist who are the stars in the game now were coming up (Jay-Z, Nas, Bad Boy etc). 1996 in particular made a relatively inexpugnable impression on me as that was the "Golden Era" in my opinion. So many albums came out I don't mean Plies style (reminder Tai is a Plies fan) push out 3 albums in one year and 1 single lucky carries your album to gold status, I mean impressive bodies of work. So at the end of the day my question is where did the fans of that era disappear to lol because these artist were doing NUMBERS then!!! What y'all think??

Hear are some of the albums that came in 1996 yall if you not in my age group......

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