Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I got the belt!!!!

I've always been the guy that is really passionate about fashion & style and anyone that knows me personally knows that I'm up on my shit. So I need to start putting yall up on yall latest. My favorite color is Green so you know I was mad hype when I saw these.......

Green Triple Tone Midi Sneakers by Yves Saint Laurent (One of my Top Five Favorite Designer's)

Continued and I needed to find a dope fit if I was going to cop a random color like this and I wanted to put it together with this.......

Polo Rugby Varsity Armband Cardigan (replace dress shirt with White Polo V-Neck)

and a this.....

Fendi Belt is just DEADLY period!!!!

Its definitely a Fall Type Swag but its a hot look.....what do you guys think???

Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Junkiez" by MOOK

"Junkiez" by Mook $hine

This is the Street Single from the Mook $hine..."AmeriKaz Knightmare" Mixtape (Career Crookz Records) 

RT #Junkiez #Junkiez #Junkiez

Amerikaz Knightmare coming soon







Free Download Here: "Junkiez"