Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tai's Type

What it look like readers???

I've recently had a intriguing discussion with some of my associates over dinner & drinks this week. To my surprise I didn't know that my private love affairs were going to be the topic of discussion. Shockingly the focal point of this intrusive conversation was "my type". Now in my opinion "my type" is a very subjective idea as oppose to any standardized template of who is best suited for who based on ethnic backgrounds, cultures or skin color. One of my friends made mention of the type of female that qualifies as a potential person of interest for me. The criteria that stimulates my preference is very have to be BAD!!!! Now I know this is a very vague statement at best. However I think that we all can agree on a common definition of the word if we keep a few things in mind. Your agenda determines your type....i think. So that being said your type is really based on timing more than anything right??? (Amen Brother!!! Preach)

So as for Ms. Right Now....she has to be a few things to fit into the scheme of things which is my hectic life. She has to PERFECT!!! but there has been a sudden shortage of females of this brand. So as long as she is balanced I'm happy. Physically I am partial to a few bad ones!!!! So I'm going to need my management to reach out to Eva Mendez (NO! Really.) If your type is any reflection of you are then I'm really happy with who I am.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"King of the Moment"

What up WORLD!!! I love saying that!!! (it delivers a sense of empowerment because I feel as if im speaking to the entire human race)

Today I feel really ambitious, so I intend to knock out a few records I've been really lackadaisical about writing. I know your wondering what has occurred in my life that has altered this impassive mood I've been snagged in? Well, I'll tell you....absolutely nothing. The simple realization that everyone has they're moment and that you have to be prepared to courageously seize that Moment and Own it!!! Proprietorship of your Dreams as they come to fruition goes hand & hand with its enjoyment. Be ready to take full advantage of your success when it a Champion of your Opportunity. You work hard so that you can one day enjoy it when it comes as oppose to working through I challenge you guys to be Kings & Queens of your Moment. King Me!!!