Sunday, February 17, 2013

Are You that "IT GIRL"???

Tell Em Why You Mad Son?!?

It kills me when I meet a woman of a particular age and they seem to be completely out of touch and oblivious to the idea's consistent with modern privileged womanhood. Its no fault of the woman, in my opinion I completely place the blame on the immature, talentless, classless, tasteless, unambitious, unmotivated guys that have been forcibly holding her hostage occupying her time and making it difficult for guys of my caliber to introduce her to "The Life"

Lets rewind though!!! See, me??? I haven't always been this braggadocios, stunning, ruggedly dashing, rakishly handsome trendsetting taste maker (#Boss) that you see before you and follow on various social networks (thanks again for the doesn't go unnoticed). Believe it or not I too started as a blank, shapeless, un-molded lump of clay template and had to work myself into the (Insert any arrogant descriptive adjective here) and now that I'm able to claim to be the un-proclaimed "IT GUY" (Excuse the pretentious tangents that I keep venturing off on....there is a point to this blog post I promise lmao!!!) I am comfortable with elevating my standards and seeking more status appropriate partners. However quite often outside of the New York City (and I mean Manhattan), Miami (and I mean South Beach) and L.A. ( and I really mean L.A.) Hot beds quality females are slim pickings for a fellow such as myself. Occasionally you meet someone....yeah someone in one of those off areas/cities who either meets/exceeds your predetermined, unrealistic preferences or redefines them altogether. Then there are those who simply have the potential to be that "IT GIRL"  and you can't put the proverbial finger on why they aren't "IT" at this point in their life already. Here lies the dilemma my friends!!!

Now do you...

A: CURVE HER??? Walk away & conclude that if it were meant to be she would already be where she needed to be in life


B: OWN IT??? Find a Proprietary Interest in developing that person into a better more successful, desirable person

If it happens to be one of those life changing moments where "B" seems like the only answer your stupid uncontrollable emotions deems acceptable then what do you do??? The countless Guy(s) before you have already done irreparable damage and because you share the same gender you have to now be responsible for and somehow repair it. Now this is no easy feat this is a long winding treacherous road full of pitfalls and uncertainty that only the most experienced, tenacious individuals are able to triumph. Insecurity is a trait that most woman exhibit at some point or another in some degree and it is usually the beginning of the end...a destroyer of worlds!!! Not the Typical "baby does this dress make me look fat?!?" (there isn't any good way to answer that by the way) but the perpetual reoccurring accusations I.E. "Well go f**k one of your other girls then". This kind of behavior would have you think that she is stuck in the "He has to be too good to be true" mind state all this is because of that one dude before you who struck gold and didn't know how to invest the money!!! He cheated on her, made her feel worthless and didn't bring anything constructive or positive to the table. That is nothing short of emotional terrorism and most guys have been on the giving end of it at some point. Men lack that emotion gene and therefore can't recognize complex emotions let alone realize when they are inflicting damage to them. On a more basic level that men can usually understand...a level that is suppose to be innately apart of our daily thought process and our manly value system and its simple....PROVIDE! On any and every level possible. "Mama said you aren't a man if you can't provide" - Fabolous. One of my favorite lines because all though making sure your lady is fly, and enjoying the life style she deserves is just the surface of that idea. Security is the underlining concept that dudes almost always miss!!! (Get a clue my G)

And that's where my argument comes in.....if you can't provide the little things you can't provide the big things and therefor aren't improving the quality of life for them. So when a dude like myself (@taislumz) comes along and I want to treat them like special women they are and introduce them to a taste of the good life they either don't know that's what I'm about because its something they aren't accustom to or they chalked up as "He talks some good game" and that's sad. So in conclusion don't hate on the kid my nigga or the "IT GUY" become the "IT GUY"

                                                                                                                                       Best Regards,

                                                                                                     The Youngest Sugar Daddy In History 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year!!!! 

From All of us at Career Crookz Records


Once again all the support is greatly appreciated....the hiatus is finally over and we working. Contrary to popular belief #CrookLife isn't just a cool attempt to capitalize on Hollywood's obsession and glorification of the Street life, its actually a topic that we know more than a little bit about. 2012 was a good year legally for the Crookz as it saw Career Crookz Records Front man/CEO/Artist Tai Slumz release from an almost 2 year prison sentence, Mook G (Career Crookz Artist) beat a gun charge in his hometown of NJ and Hi-Speed (Career Crookz President/Artist) avoid a series of drug charges in Detroit. Giving the team a chance to go into the New Year at full speed and completely focused on the music.

Tai Slumz aka MulTai is gearing up to release the follow up to his "Welcome 2 The Slumz" Mixtape (2010) titled "No Plan B" currently set for a first quarter release. "My mentor G Baker Once told me that "There is No Plan B...Plan B is to execute Plan A which is winning. If you don't create a back up plan than you have no choice but to win!" This Fall or Fly idea is embodied and conveyed through out the mixtape with songs like "Cant You See Me" a coming of age record about perseverance in spite of one's underprivileged upbringing. The Mixtape is complete with an array of records and freestyles for listeners of every walk of life and will be available via download as well as local music distributors/stores.

"Yeah man we working! It feels good even though we all not always in the same place at the same time  we manage to maintain a cohesive sound and continue to motivate each other. Hi-Speed is still dope as fuck I just spoke to him and got all his new music's in my inbox....I can't wait to get to the studio to start mixing it down. Its coming right after No Plan B drops. Mook is a genius on the hooks and him and Quoya are all over my tape so its definitely a Crook thing!" - Tai Slumz

Stay tuned for the latest with Tai Slumz and the Crookz....its going down #ReallyDoe

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I got the belt!!!!

I've always been the guy that is really passionate about fashion & style and anyone that knows me personally knows that I'm up on my shit. So I need to start putting yall up on yall latest. My favorite color is Green so you know I was mad hype when I saw these.......

Green Triple Tone Midi Sneakers by Yves Saint Laurent (One of my Top Five Favorite Designer's)

Continued and I needed to find a dope fit if I was going to cop a random color like this and I wanted to put it together with this.......

Polo Rugby Varsity Armband Cardigan (replace dress shirt with White Polo V-Neck)

and a this.....

Fendi Belt is just DEADLY period!!!!

Its definitely a Fall Type Swag but its a hot look.....what do you guys think???

Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Junkiez" by MOOK

"Junkiez" by Mook $hine

This is the Street Single from the Mook $hine..."AmeriKaz Knightmare" Mixtape (Career Crookz Records) 

RT #Junkiez #Junkiez #Junkiez

Amerikaz Knightmare coming soon







Free Download Here: "Junkiez"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tha Slizzy Report "Matt Croc"

The Date is January 25 and the weather is extremely frigid outside. Ideally I'd like to be chasing the sunny beaches and serene settings of Miami, Cabo, and LA. Its a very common practice for capable individuals to escape the blistering cold weather of the Northeast in favor of greener pastures. I'm in the relieving process of making vacation arrangements as we speak (don't you wish you were me? lol). For those of you who cant get away from the cold weather, and the monotonous day to day work grind of the regular 9 to 5 lifestyle, I offer you an alternative in the form of First Class Muzik's "Matt Croc" and his New Single "Fly Away" (Coming Soon) and the accompanying mixtape "Flight School".

How am I always in the know when it comes to the New & Latest Music your wondering??? Well generally that's for me to know but this time it happens to be a close musical affiliate of mine. Croc has always been a close collaborator and friend for years. I've assisted in various aspects of building his brand and played a instrumental role in his certain rise to stardom.


"There is a obvious separation in social classes in our society particularly when it comes to travel accommodations. Flying coach has always been viewed by many as a more cheap, more frugal means of flight travel just as First Class has always been used to identify financial success, sophistication and class. Which Up & Coming Rapper Mattew "Matt Croc" Guest knows more than a little bit about. "I came up, I used to live that Coach lifestyle and now everything is First Class....I enjoy the finer things" - Matt Croc. Pursuing music industry aspirations since his high school younger years Croc has made countless power moves to propel him to the forefront of the entertainment business. Launching his own rap imprint (First Class Muzik) in 2009 its been a joy ride of easy success as he has manage to gain undeniable notoriety in the DMV. With a versatile flow and a ear for hot beats, music from Croc is always a match made in heaven for all listeners. He has become one of the most anticipated artist to watch for in 2011. With a budding cult like following on the internet as well as in his hometown its only a matter of time before they are singing his praises world wide. Get on Board!!!!

Follow him Twitter NOW...."BookYourSeat"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"When U Hustle 4 Ur Dreams, Its Hard 2 Separate The 2 ~ Tai Slumz

"A dollar & A Dream will only get you to the Corner//Make a Run for it, knowing that Success is at the Border
This is Real Rap never thought I'd ever Face the Truth//That When you Hustle for Your Dreams its Hard to Separate the Two" ~ Tai Slumz (Who Am I)

These double meaning self reflected bars hold a very deep meaning to me....

Growing up in the "Slumz" (Pun Intended) there aren't a lot of options for young black minorities no matter how dedicated or ambitious. I developed a strong passion for not only the music I grew up listening to but a passion to pursue it as Career. Millions of young adults find themselves as High School Seniors or first year college students at a Cross roads of life. Face with possibly the most life defining decision of their accumulative years...."what do you want to be???". Now this might sound like a question better suited for my bright eyed 5 year old daughter who has all the time in the world to figure that out (Rich & Famous *fingers crossed). However now is the time that the average person is faced with this life decision. The Key word in that last sentence being "Average" I've always strive to be an above average individual. I never was the structured, standard path driven person a lot of accomplished Doctors, Lawyers and Politicians were in their younger years. I was the dream chasing, ambition risk taker that knew only the limits I set for myself. So you see I didn't have that problem....that blank stare in the mirror with that paralyzing self inflicted inner debacle "What is it that I want to do?". No. I knew exactly what I wanted to issue in fact was bigger than "What" I was stuck on the "How".

It was said by the Late Great Notorious B.I.G. "Either you slang rock or you got a wicked jump shot" We've all seen the Ball Player turned Rapper (I don't get it either) but what we've all seen much more of is the Hustler turned Rapper. This is a scenario that we all hear so often that we have come accustom to just writing it off as the overly common attempt by a suburban kid's turn at rap stardom achieved by selling out to corporate America's interpretation of whats commercially marketable & ultimately profitable music. On a 9 out of 10 basis this generalization is completely accurate...but then you have your artist that occupies that small percentage and who actually happen to derive there compelling music content from factual real life accounts in that lifestyle. Which brings me to the original thought that inspired this tangent plagued blog entry.

If there are only a small amount of artist that has actual lived that life and has manage to break through and make the successful transition from Hustler to Major Recording Artist....How many talented rappers are there running around Hustling because they haven't broken through? It's really common for a Hustler with dreams of making that transition to get stuck in that lifestyle even after the transition has begun (i.e. Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, Murder Inc, etc). At any rate its really just food for thought....

I have a record on the Welcome 2 the Slumz Mixtape called "Who Am I" that's really personal to me because its my reflection of what this blog entry means and how it relates to me as a person and artist so check it out and let me know what y'all think....



"I'm my own competition right//
now welcome to the dark side, you can catch me in a different light//
hard to catch me slipping right?//
liaison to the truth its a fact if you listen right//
a kid from the hood, I was misunderstood//
I gave em good for nothing that record to touch home with//
all the drama growing up, that I had to come home with//
your mama put you out like "Who you getting grown with"//
so its hustle hard or homeless//
and brova that's some cold shit//
A Dollar and a Dream will get you to the corner//
Make a run for it knowing that Success is at the Border//
This is real rap didn't think I'd ever face the the truth//
that when you hustle for your dreams its hard to separate the two//
Pour my troubles in a cup, seems to levitate the mood//
I mean escapism without ever really breaking thru//
when it rains you know it pours and you ain't ready for the news//
you keep running from them black clouds//
feeling numba then them crack vales//
Teachers want to conference and they wonder why you act out//
Mind on ya money and them runners in the crack house//
grind when you hungry & ya come up all mapped out//
the Plot getting thicker right, Im wrong if I aint living right//
see the pen calms storms with these songs that i sit and write//
baby mom drawling over jawns that i didnt pipe//
wilding out ran off & got married to a dead beat//
trying to do for my daughter now and she aint trying let me//
twisted web of deceit and yeah now i know im caught up//
spending money on a family i cant call myself a part of//
see even though i get fly, Im bitter on the inside.......

Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 RECAP....

2010 (the Set up)

This was a pretty eventful year for the Tai Slumz movement (that means you!!!). I really considered 2010 to be a set up year for 2011 and I was able to accomplish alot of my set goals. I recorded the "Welcome 2 the Slumz" Mixtape in its entirety and release quite a few records to you guys to stellar reviews (takes a bow).

2010 was cluttered with an inordinate amount of partying!!! Bottle Popping at various clubs in Washington DC (home field advantage), New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Atlanta, Nashville to name a few.

The reunification of Tai Slumz (Your Favorite Rapper) & Greg Baker (Music Mogul) the Partnership of Career Crookz Records & Blak Byrd Music is equivalent to Lebron James & Kobe Bryant on the same team scenario!!!! a lot of power moves are going to come out of this.....Blak Byrd Music (B.B.M. no Blackberry) "Itz Blak Byrddddd"

Career Crookz Records + Blak Byrd Music

One word!!! Sequoia!!!! the discovery & signing of the 1st Lady of Career Crookz Records definitely one of my years highlights. She is an amazing all around artist and I'm excited about the opportunity to help take her career to new heights in the coming months.

On a personal note my daughter turned the "big 5"!!! which is obviously one of the biggest childhood/parent mile stoles that there is (isn't the next one 16???). Anyway I love you Yonnie!