Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year!!!! 

From All of us at Career Crookz Records


Once again all the support is greatly appreciated....the hiatus is finally over and we working. Contrary to popular belief #CrookLife isn't just a cool attempt to capitalize on Hollywood's obsession and glorification of the Street life, its actually a topic that we know more than a little bit about. 2012 was a good year legally for the Crookz as it saw Career Crookz Records Front man/CEO/Artist Tai Slumz release from an almost 2 year prison sentence, Mook G (Career Crookz Artist) beat a gun charge in his hometown of NJ and Hi-Speed (Career Crookz President/Artist) avoid a series of drug charges in Detroit. Giving the team a chance to go into the New Year at full speed and completely focused on the music.

Tai Slumz aka MulTai is gearing up to release the follow up to his "Welcome 2 The Slumz" Mixtape (2010) titled "No Plan B" currently set for a first quarter release. "My mentor G Baker Once told me that "There is No Plan B...Plan B is to execute Plan A which is winning. If you don't create a back up plan than you have no choice but to win!" This Fall or Fly idea is embodied and conveyed through out the mixtape with songs like "Cant You See Me" a coming of age record about perseverance in spite of one's underprivileged upbringing. The Mixtape is complete with an array of records and freestyles for listeners of every walk of life and will be available via download as well as local music distributors/stores.

"Yeah man we working! It feels good even though we all not always in the same place at the same time  we manage to maintain a cohesive sound and continue to motivate each other. Hi-Speed is still dope as fuck I just spoke to him and got all his new music's in my inbox....I can't wait to get to the studio to start mixing it down. Its coming right after No Plan B drops. Mook is a genius on the hooks and him and Quoya are all over my tape so its definitely a Crook thing!" - Tai Slumz

Stay tuned for the latest with Tai Slumz and the Crookz....its going down #ReallyDoe

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