Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tha Slizzy Report "Matt Croc"

The Date is January 25 and the weather is extremely frigid outside. Ideally I'd like to be chasing the sunny beaches and serene settings of Miami, Cabo, and LA. Its a very common practice for capable individuals to escape the blistering cold weather of the Northeast in favor of greener pastures. I'm in the relieving process of making vacation arrangements as we speak (don't you wish you were me? lol). For those of you who cant get away from the cold weather, and the monotonous day to day work grind of the regular 9 to 5 lifestyle, I offer you an alternative in the form of First Class Muzik's "Matt Croc" and his New Single "Fly Away" (Coming Soon) and the accompanying mixtape "Flight School".

How am I always in the know when it comes to the New & Latest Music your wondering??? Well generally that's for me to know but this time it happens to be a close musical affiliate of mine. Croc has always been a close collaborator and friend for years. I've assisted in various aspects of building his brand and played a instrumental role in his certain rise to stardom.


"There is a obvious separation in social classes in our society particularly when it comes to travel accommodations. Flying coach has always been viewed by many as a more cheap, more frugal means of flight travel just as First Class has always been used to identify financial success, sophistication and class. Which Up & Coming Rapper Mattew "Matt Croc" Guest knows more than a little bit about. "I came up, I used to live that Coach lifestyle and now everything is First Class....I enjoy the finer things" - Matt Croc. Pursuing music industry aspirations since his high school younger years Croc has made countless power moves to propel him to the forefront of the entertainment business. Launching his own rap imprint (First Class Muzik) in 2009 its been a joy ride of easy success as he has manage to gain undeniable notoriety in the DMV. With a versatile flow and a ear for hot beats, music from Croc is always a match made in heaven for all listeners. He has become one of the most anticipated artist to watch for in 2011. With a budding cult like following on the internet as well as in his hometown its only a matter of time before they are singing his praises world wide. Get on Board!!!!

Follow him Twitter NOW...."BookYourSeat"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"When U Hustle 4 Ur Dreams, Its Hard 2 Separate The 2 ~ Tai Slumz

"A dollar & A Dream will only get you to the Corner//Make a Run for it, knowing that Success is at the Border
This is Real Rap never thought I'd ever Face the Truth//That When you Hustle for Your Dreams its Hard to Separate the Two" ~ Tai Slumz (Who Am I)

These double meaning self reflected bars hold a very deep meaning to me....

Growing up in the "Slumz" (Pun Intended) there aren't a lot of options for young black minorities no matter how dedicated or ambitious. I developed a strong passion for not only the music I grew up listening to but a passion to pursue it as Career. Millions of young adults find themselves as High School Seniors or first year college students at a Cross roads of life. Face with possibly the most life defining decision of their accumulative years...."what do you want to be???". Now this might sound like a question better suited for my bright eyed 5 year old daughter who has all the time in the world to figure that out (Rich & Famous *fingers crossed). However now is the time that the average person is faced with this life decision. The Key word in that last sentence being "Average" I've always strive to be an above average individual. I never was the structured, standard path driven person a lot of accomplished Doctors, Lawyers and Politicians were in their younger years. I was the dream chasing, ambition risk taker that knew only the limits I set for myself. So you see I didn't have that problem....that blank stare in the mirror with that paralyzing self inflicted inner debacle "What is it that I want to do?". No. I knew exactly what I wanted to do....my issue in fact was bigger than "What" I was stuck on the "How".

It was said by the Late Great Notorious B.I.G. "Either you slang rock or you got a wicked jump shot" We've all seen the Ball Player turned Rapper (I don't get it either) but what we've all seen much more of is the Hustler turned Rapper. This is a scenario that we all hear so often that we have come accustom to just writing it off as the overly common attempt by a suburban kid's turn at rap stardom achieved by selling out to corporate America's interpretation of whats commercially marketable & ultimately profitable music. On a 9 out of 10 basis this generalization is completely accurate...but then you have your artist that occupies that small percentage and who actually happen to derive there compelling music content from factual real life accounts in that lifestyle. Which brings me to the original thought that inspired this tangent plagued blog entry.

If there are only a small amount of artist that has actual lived that life and has manage to break through and make the successful transition from Hustler to Major Recording Artist....How many talented rappers are there running around Hustling because they haven't broken through? It's really common for a Hustler with dreams of making that transition to get stuck in that lifestyle even after the transition has begun (i.e. Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, Murder Inc, etc). At any rate its really just food for thought....

I have a record on the Welcome 2 the Slumz Mixtape called "Who Am I" that's really personal to me because its my reflection of what this blog entry means and how it relates to me as a person and artist so check it out and let me know what y'all think....



"I'm my own competition right//
now welcome to the dark side, you can catch me in a different light//
hard to catch me slipping right?//
liaison to the truth its a fact if you listen right//
a kid from the hood, I was misunderstood//
I gave em good for nothing that record to touch home with//
all the drama growing up, that I had to come home with//
your mama put you out like "Who you getting grown with"//
so its hustle hard or homeless//
and brova that's some cold shit//
A Dollar and a Dream will get you to the corner//
Make a run for it knowing that Success is at the Border//
This is real rap didn't think I'd ever face the the truth//
that when you hustle for your dreams its hard to separate the two//
Pour my troubles in a cup, seems to levitate the mood//
I mean escapism without ever really breaking thru//
when it rains you know it pours and you ain't ready for the news//
you keep running from them black clouds//
feeling numba then them crack vales//
Teachers want to conference and they wonder why you act out//
Mind on ya money and them runners in the crack house//
grind when you hungry & ya come up all mapped out//
the Plot getting thicker right, Im wrong if I aint living right//
see the pen calms storms with these songs that i sit and write//
baby mom drawling over jawns that i didnt pipe//
wilding out ran off & got married to a dead beat//
trying to do for my daughter now and she aint trying let me//
twisted web of deceit and yeah now i know im caught up//
spending money on a family i cant call myself a part of//
see even though i get fly, Im bitter on the inside.......

Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 RECAP....

2010 (the Set up)

This was a pretty eventful year for the Tai Slumz movement (that means you!!!). I really considered 2010 to be a set up year for 2011 and I was able to accomplish alot of my set goals. I recorded the "Welcome 2 the Slumz" Mixtape in its entirety and release quite a few records to you guys to stellar reviews (takes a bow).

2010 was cluttered with an inordinate amount of partying!!! Bottle Popping at various clubs in Washington DC (home field advantage), New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Atlanta, Nashville to name a few.

The reunification of Tai Slumz (Your Favorite Rapper) & Greg Baker (Music Mogul) the Partnership of Career Crookz Records & Blak Byrd Music is equivalent to Lebron James & Kobe Bryant on the same team scenario!!!! a lot of power moves are going to come out of this.....Blak Byrd Music (B.B.M. no Blackberry) "Itz Blak Byrddddd"

Career Crookz Records + Blak Byrd Music

One word!!! Sequoia!!!! the discovery & signing of the 1st Lady of Career Crookz Records definitely one of my years highlights. She is an amazing all around artist and I'm excited about the opportunity to help take her career to new heights in the coming months.

On a personal note my daughter turned the "big 5"!!! which is obviously one of the biggest childhood/parent mile stoles that there is (isn't the next one 16???). Anyway I love you Yonnie!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Whats On My "Ta-iPod" ???

Outside of being the incredibly & seemingly underrated talented Recording Artist/Song Writer you all have come to know as "Tai Slumz" I am also a avid listener of quite a few genre's. I've always been a fan before anything else....and that position has always worked as a double edge sword in my life. Because I'm such a judgemental & picky person in regards to my personal musical selection, naturally if I'm also going to create music I expect to be a fan of it. This ideology has forced me to be a perfectionist at my own craft (DEATH to the WACK RAPPERS!!!). However alot you might be interested to know what I listen to when I'm not working.
I titled my Go 2 List simply as "Tai's Music" and I try to keep it fresh as well as eclectic so I tend to add and delete music from it almost daily. Some Music has actually earned a Main Stay in this Play list though and they should be proud to have created such timeless art.

So here is some of the tunes on my playlist.

It Ends Tonight - All-American Rejects

When the heart calls out - All American Rejects

Grenade - Bruno Mars

Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars

Kush F. Snoop Dogg & Akon - Dr. Dre (Detox)

Take Your Girl f. Lil Wayne - Drake (Heartbreak Drake)

Closer 2 My Dreams f. Adreena - Drake (Heartbreak Drake)

Find Your Love - Drake Thank Me Later

Fear - Drake (So Far Gone)

Show Me a Good Time - Drake (Thank Me Later)

Thank Me Now - Drake (Thank Me Later)

Do It All - Drake (Young Sweet Jones)

Ready for you - Drake (Young Sweet Jones)

Still Got It - Drake (Young Sweet Jones)

You Know You Know - Drake (Young Sweet Jones)

Greatness - Drake (Young Sweet Jones)

All I Know - f. Ric Atari Drake

Paris Morton Music - Drake

Zone - Drake


Best I Ever Had f. Nicki Minaj - Drake

You Be Killin Em - Fabolous (There Is No Competition 2)

Throw it in the bag f. Drake - Fabolous

Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida

Free - Freeway (Philadelphia Freeway)

International Player - Freeway (The Best Of Freeway)

Walk Alone - Green Day

Hold Yuh f. Nicki Minaj- Gyptian

Playing With Fire f. Mr. Hudson - N-Dubz

Replay - Iyaz

Lights Please - J. Cole (The Warm-Up)

It's Yours - J. Holiday (Round 2)

Fall for your Type f. Drake - Jamie Foxx (The Perfect Night)

Ridin' Solo - Jason Derulo (Jason Derulo)

Sky's the limit - Jason Derulo (Jason Derulo)

What If - Jason Derulo (Jason Derulo)

Encore - Jason Derulo (Jason Derulo)

Fallen - Jason Derulo (Jason Derulo)

Blind - Jason Derulo (Jason Derulo)

Whatcha Say (Acoustic) - Jason DeRulo

REMEMBER THE TITANS - Joe Budden (Mood Muzik 4)

None of That - Kajmir Royale

Monster f. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj - Kanye West

Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen

Take U Down f. Drake - Lil Flip

Right Above It f. Drake - Lil Wanye

Bill Gates - Lil Wayne (I'm Not A Human Being)

Knockout f. Nicki Minaj - Lil Wayne (Rebirth)

Lay It Down - Lloyd

Take it off f. J.Holiday, Nicki Minaj - Lloyd

Father Time - Lloyd Banks (H.F.M. 2)

On The Double - Lloyd Banks (H.F.M. 2)

Where I'm at f. Eminem - Lloyd Banks (H.F.M. 2)

Please Don't Go - Mike Posner

In My Life (Why Oh Why) - MIMS (Guilt)

Winter's My Summer - MIMS

Be My Hustla f. J.Holiday - MIMS (Guilt)

Chasing Sunshine - MIMS (Guilt)

Oh lets do it - Mook Milli (America's Nightmare)

Right Thru Me - Nicki Minaj (Pink Friday)

Save Me - Nicki Minaj (Pink Friday)

Girlfriend - Nicki Minaj

Moment 4 Life f. Drake - Nicki Minaj (Pink Friday)

Blazin f. Kanye West - Nicki Minaj (Pink Friday)

Love Like Woe - The Ready Set (Im Alive, Im Dreaming)

Mafia Music - Rick Ross (Deeper Than Rap)

Bossy Lady feat NE-YO - Rick Ross (Deeper Than Rap)

What's My Name f. Drake - Rihanna (Loud)

Letting Go f. Nicki Minaj - Sean Kingston

Do what it do f. Casanova - Tai Slumz

Hustlin' - Tai Slumz (The Status Quo)

Roger That (freestyle) - Tai Slumz (Welcome 2 the Slumz)

Itz You f. Mook Milli - Tai Slumz (Welcome 2 the Slumz)

Whatcha Say (Remix) - Tai Slumz (Welcome 2 the Slumz)

Graduation - Tai Slumz (Welcome 2 the Slumz)

Who am I - Tai Slumz (Welcome 2 the Slumz)

Mission 4 Money f. Mook & Rich - Tai Slumz (Welcome 2 the Slumz)

Stackz on deck f. Mook Milli - Tai Slumz (Welcome 2 the Slumz)

Celebration F. Drake - Tank

Where we belong f. Tai Slumz - Thriving Ivory (Welcome 2 the Slumz)

Go Shorty Go - Travis Porter

Make It Rain - Travis Porter

Yo Side Of The Bed - TREY SONGZ (Anticipation)

Black & Yellow - Wiz Khalifa

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Where We Belong" featuring Tai Slumz

"Where We Belong" Thriving Ivory is San Francisco based Rock band lead by front man Clayton Stroope (lead vocals) signed to Wind-Up Records. I first got wind of them by catching the video of their first Single "Angels On the Moon" a few years ago. This record was a really inspirational song that was referencing the patriotic heroics of the 9/11 tragedy. Angels on the Moon was certified Gold Status by the RIAA. I ultimately purchase their self-titled debut album from Best Buy (who doesn't love this store) the day it came out and was pleasantly surprised at both the quality of the work & effort they put into this project. The great thing about rock bands is they develop their fan base from the core....from the ground up (taking notes). Thriving Ivory has been touring non-stop for 3 years which shows tremendous dedication to the fans and illustrates their musical ambition.

2010 saw them release another commercially successful, chart topping single "Where We Belong" to support their sophomore effort "Through Yourself & Back".

In an attempt to show support for one of my favorite bands, I made mention of being a fan of their music & that I would be in attendance to their tour date at Rock Festival in 2009 in Washington D.C. via my twitter account @taislumz. We now actively follow & tweet each other regularly. Be sure to also follow them @thrivingivory.

After hearing their new single "Where We Belong" via their website www.ThrivingIvory.com I was down right impressed to say the least with their consistency. I went into the studio with my engineer Carl aka C-Note (coolest white boy I know). We unfortunately had to create space on the record for my 16 bar introductory verse, which took absolutely no time at all for Veteran Carl. And we were ready to go.

This Feature was a solid addition to the "Welcome 2 the Slumz Mixtape". It added some variety to the content and I was able to show my ability to cross genre's. So Here is a

FREE DOWNLOAD of the "Where We Belong" Remix featuring Tai Slumz

Verse by Tai Slumz

"You cant fight it, its something that you should fight for//a situation that's nothing to put a price on//and now you wrong for something that you was right for//a broken heart is nothing to put some ice on//just take the L, its nothing that you cant write off//i might warn, advice for em that life scorns & take a look you'll see it clearer than a Skype Call//your guards up, the high road...you might fall//and it got you spinning huh, self-reflection you question what we in it for//or if we're in at all, its like we living more for something that we sinning for//and we running for, its too late to get involved//feeling like I'm lost, displaced & spread thin, went from having whole days now we just texting//its been alot of back & fourth a bunch of in & outs here//its been a long year but know that we belong here

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Itz You Featuring Mook Milli

Itz You!!!!
This is the first Single from the Welcome 2 the Slumz Mixtape. Its featuring the Youngest Artist signed to my Career Crookz Records Imprint "MOOK MILLI".
This record is really dope!!! its one of my favorite from the mixtape. Its a playful radio friendly anthem that celebrates that significant other that we all ultimately hope we find. Its the first record that Ive done experimenting with the famed "T-Pain Auto-Tune" sound (and this is post - D.O.A. thanx alot Hov smh). I had originally wrote two verses for the song but around the same time I had just signed Mook to the label and wanted to see if he could do a record like this. I hope yall enjoy it....

FREE DOWNLOAD: Tai Slumz "Itz You" featuring Mook Milli

Follow ME on www.twitter.com/taislumz

Uh uhhhh
Career Crookz....uhhhhh yeahhhh


My whole i been looking for the right one
and i can swear that i never was gone find one
and then you came around, and you put it down
and thats when i knew that girl its been found
cause baby its you, its you, its you, its you, its you
yeah baby its you,

Verse (Tai Slumz)

Even though i know i like em all, i know i cant wife em all//
so baby make ya move its getting hard for me to fight em off//
groupies blowing kisses its nothing for me to wipe em offfffff//
get comfy in that designer loft//
im gettin shine get money and then im signing off//
im mean im loggin off so then we signing in//
and when them road 2 riches end thats where i come in//
then we clear in the leer that means we fly innnnnn//
(uh em) see when you adding paper that means your adding haters
i can show you how to minus them//
i let the dice roll you know i know how to win//
slizzy getting bizzy on my grizzle like im Iversonnnnn//
uhh i got em diving in, with no swim wear//
and the water warm i can tell she aint been there//
stamps in her passport, if you know what to spend it on then you aint gotta ask for it


Verse (Mook Milli)

said that my lil mama yeah thats my ride or die//
she rocking wth a G so you know she stay fly like//
Gucci, Chanel i keep her in red bottoms//
she gon put the house up if she hear that the feds got em//
and thats why i spoil trips to the islands//
Gucci flip flops, Marc Jacobs lens styling//
she the type of lady that i need by my side//
in the lex coupe shawty is the G to my ride//
L to the word lady, like she know what that mercedes like//
what you see is what you get you know i live a crazy life//
young dude couldnt really tell you what the 80's like//
but i make her feel good see what being my baby likeeee//
uhh prepare to see your name in lights//
and any wrong doing been done i make it right//
catch me and my shorty in the mall blowing chedder//
got these groupie brauds hating like he couldve did better but uhhhh


"Itz you baby, Welcome 2 the Slumz
Slizzy, Mook G, come holla at Boss
you know Career Crookz, Power House....waddup KI yeah yeah"