Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tha Slizzy Report "Matt Croc"

The Date is January 25 and the weather is extremely frigid outside. Ideally I'd like to be chasing the sunny beaches and serene settings of Miami, Cabo, and LA. Its a very common practice for capable individuals to escape the blistering cold weather of the Northeast in favor of greener pastures. I'm in the relieving process of making vacation arrangements as we speak (don't you wish you were me? lol). For those of you who cant get away from the cold weather, and the monotonous day to day work grind of the regular 9 to 5 lifestyle, I offer you an alternative in the form of First Class Muzik's "Matt Croc" and his New Single "Fly Away" (Coming Soon) and the accompanying mixtape "Flight School".

How am I always in the know when it comes to the New & Latest Music your wondering??? Well generally that's for me to know but this time it happens to be a close musical affiliate of mine. Croc has always been a close collaborator and friend for years. I've assisted in various aspects of building his brand and played a instrumental role in his certain rise to stardom.


"There is a obvious separation in social classes in our society particularly when it comes to travel accommodations. Flying coach has always been viewed by many as a more cheap, more frugal means of flight travel just as First Class has always been used to identify financial success, sophistication and class. Which Up & Coming Rapper Mattew "Matt Croc" Guest knows more than a little bit about. "I came up, I used to live that Coach lifestyle and now everything is First Class....I enjoy the finer things" - Matt Croc. Pursuing music industry aspirations since his high school younger years Croc has made countless power moves to propel him to the forefront of the entertainment business. Launching his own rap imprint (First Class Muzik) in 2009 its been a joy ride of easy success as he has manage to gain undeniable notoriety in the DMV. With a versatile flow and a ear for hot beats, music from Croc is always a match made in heaven for all listeners. He has become one of the most anticipated artist to watch for in 2011. With a budding cult like following on the internet as well as in his hometown its only a matter of time before they are singing his praises world wide. Get on Board!!!!

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