Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 RECAP....

2010 (the Set up)

This was a pretty eventful year for the Tai Slumz movement (that means you!!!). I really considered 2010 to be a set up year for 2011 and I was able to accomplish alot of my set goals. I recorded the "Welcome 2 the Slumz" Mixtape in its entirety and release quite a few records to you guys to stellar reviews (takes a bow).

2010 was cluttered with an inordinate amount of partying!!! Bottle Popping at various clubs in Washington DC (home field advantage), New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Atlanta, Nashville to name a few.

The reunification of Tai Slumz (Your Favorite Rapper) & Greg Baker (Music Mogul) the Partnership of Career Crookz Records & Blak Byrd Music is equivalent to Lebron James & Kobe Bryant on the same team scenario!!!! a lot of power moves are going to come out of this.....Blak Byrd Music (B.B.M. no Blackberry) "Itz Blak Byrddddd"

Career Crookz Records + Blak Byrd Music

One word!!! Sequoia!!!! the discovery & signing of the 1st Lady of Career Crookz Records definitely one of my years highlights. She is an amazing all around artist and I'm excited about the opportunity to help take her career to new heights in the coming months.

On a personal note my daughter turned the "big 5"!!! which is obviously one of the biggest childhood/parent mile stoles that there is (isn't the next one 16???). Anyway I love you Yonnie!

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