Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Itz You Featuring Mook Milli

Itz You!!!!
This is the first Single from the Welcome 2 the Slumz Mixtape. Its featuring the Youngest Artist signed to my Career Crookz Records Imprint "MOOK MILLI".
This record is really dope!!! its one of my favorite from the mixtape. Its a playful radio friendly anthem that celebrates that significant other that we all ultimately hope we find. Its the first record that Ive done experimenting with the famed "T-Pain Auto-Tune" sound (and this is post - D.O.A. thanx alot Hov smh). I had originally wrote two verses for the song but around the same time I had just signed Mook to the label and wanted to see if he could do a record like this. I hope yall enjoy it....

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Uh uhhhh
Career Crookz....uhhhhh yeahhhh


My whole i been looking for the right one
and i can swear that i never was gone find one
and then you came around, and you put it down
and thats when i knew that girl its been found
cause baby its you, its you, its you, its you, its you
yeah baby its you,

Verse (Tai Slumz)

Even though i know i like em all, i know i cant wife em all//
so baby make ya move its getting hard for me to fight em off//
groupies blowing kisses its nothing for me to wipe em offfffff//
get comfy in that designer loft//
im gettin shine get money and then im signing off//
im mean im loggin off so then we signing in//
and when them road 2 riches end thats where i come in//
then we clear in the leer that means we fly innnnnn//
(uh em) see when you adding paper that means your adding haters
i can show you how to minus them//
i let the dice roll you know i know how to win//
slizzy getting bizzy on my grizzle like im Iversonnnnn//
uhh i got em diving in, with no swim wear//
and the water warm i can tell she aint been there//
stamps in her passport, if you know what to spend it on then you aint gotta ask for it


Verse (Mook Milli)

said that my lil mama yeah thats my ride or die//
she rocking wth a G so you know she stay fly like//
Gucci, Chanel i keep her in red bottoms//
she gon put the house up if she hear that the feds got em//
and thats why i spoil trips to the islands//
Gucci flip flops, Marc Jacobs lens styling//
she the type of lady that i need by my side//
in the lex coupe shawty is the G to my ride//
L to the word lady, like she know what that mercedes like//
what you see is what you get you know i live a crazy life//
young dude couldnt really tell you what the 80's like//
but i make her feel good see what being my baby likeeee//
uhh prepare to see your name in lights//
and any wrong doing been done i make it right//
catch me and my shorty in the mall blowing chedder//
got these groupie brauds hating like he couldve did better but uhhhh


"Itz you baby, Welcome 2 the Slumz
Slizzy, Mook G, come holla at Boss
you know Career Crookz, Power House....waddup KI yeah yeah"

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