Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Where We Belong" featuring Tai Slumz

"Where We Belong" Thriving Ivory is San Francisco based Rock band lead by front man Clayton Stroope (lead vocals) signed to Wind-Up Records. I first got wind of them by catching the video of their first Single "Angels On the Moon" a few years ago. This record was a really inspirational song that was referencing the patriotic heroics of the 9/11 tragedy. Angels on the Moon was certified Gold Status by the RIAA. I ultimately purchase their self-titled debut album from Best Buy (who doesn't love this store) the day it came out and was pleasantly surprised at both the quality of the work & effort they put into this project. The great thing about rock bands is they develop their fan base from the core....from the ground up (taking notes). Thriving Ivory has been touring non-stop for 3 years which shows tremendous dedication to the fans and illustrates their musical ambition.

2010 saw them release another commercially successful, chart topping single "Where We Belong" to support their sophomore effort "Through Yourself & Back".

In an attempt to show support for one of my favorite bands, I made mention of being a fan of their music & that I would be in attendance to their tour date at Rock Festival in 2009 in Washington D.C. via my twitter account @taislumz. We now actively follow & tweet each other regularly. Be sure to also follow them @thrivingivory.

After hearing their new single "Where We Belong" via their website I was down right impressed to say the least with their consistency. I went into the studio with my engineer Carl aka C-Note (coolest white boy I know). We unfortunately had to create space on the record for my 16 bar introductory verse, which took absolutely no time at all for Veteran Carl. And we were ready to go.

This Feature was a solid addition to the "Welcome 2 the Slumz Mixtape". It added some variety to the content and I was able to show my ability to cross genre's. So Here is a

FREE DOWNLOAD of the "Where We Belong" Remix featuring Tai Slumz

Verse by Tai Slumz

"You cant fight it, its something that you should fight for//a situation that's nothing to put a price on//and now you wrong for something that you was right for//a broken heart is nothing to put some ice on//just take the L, its nothing that you cant write off//i might warn, advice for em that life scorns & take a look you'll see it clearer than a Skype Call//your guards up, the high might fall//and it got you spinning huh, self-reflection you question what we in it for//or if we're in at all, its like we living more for something that we sinning for//and we running for, its too late to get involved//feeling like I'm lost, displaced & spread thin, went from having whole days now we just texting//its been alot of back & fourth a bunch of in & outs here//its been a long year but know that we belong here


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