Thursday, December 11, 2008

New to

what up bloggerz????

Tai Slumz has officially found his way to this outlet!!! So my first entry is going to be wide open for any questions music or personal.

To the fanz who are already in tune to the movement and the music I appreciate the love and support that i've received from all of you. WE GON MAKE IT!!!
I got yall real soon with some offical releases in 2009. We are going to start releasing some of the singles from the "Main Event" Album and while thats heating up we gunna introduce yall to the "Slumlord Series Mixtapes". So we gotta alotta things on the plate and its gunna be a hot summer!!!

To all of you who havent heard of me or the movement now is the time to get familar!!!

holla at ya dawgz
1-4, Uptown, Crime Pay$, Career Crookz!!!


Caribstar said...

welcome to the blog world!

Anonymous said...

thats whats up

Anonymous said...

Hey Tai Im your Number One Fan.Your The best and if anyone dont know who you are then they need to get up on it.Cuz your man shit is hoooottttttttt.

Anonymous said...

Whats goodie? Tai my dude,what it is.You know I had to come Threw and show my homie some love.Keep doin' ya thing and hopefully I'll make it to ya next show."We gonna MAKE it"~Sweetz was here 12/11/08~

izzz r said...

yo its da izzz r..
i alreadii knoe wat
it look like so no
questions asked..
im for da movement n
career crookz tai
slizzy crime pays
wats fuck wit dat?...ahahaa

Zebra said...

Babes, you got me patiently waiting for this album, give me whatcha got hunni.....


Tunde said...

so when we shooting the music video again? lol. i'm serious though.

Anonymous said...

tai is gr8

Anonymous said...

whats good bro? I would say im a fan.....but no!!!U like a brova. n e way lets get this money and give these hataz a real reason 2 hate!!!! Career Crooks/New Money Boyz ent. im trynna tell you we the next best thing to be the best thing ya dig. Platnium Medallion Love my G

A King Named Kan said...

chyeah.... fukk witcha boy

Naj Danz said...

Hey what's goin on?! I'm feelin ya blogspot jawn can't wait 2 til "The Main Event" drops!! It's been like 80 years but it's finally on it's way!! I pray that ur endeavors r truly successful 4 more reasons than u should know why...hehehehe!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tai, just passin through to show your blogspot some Trini love...looking forward to the video too. =)


Anonymous said... already know who it is. i told you i would come through and check you out. so as promised, here i am.

i'm so proud of you. continue to grind.

all my love,

queen amina