Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chase Dolla$ - Career Crookz Records


love that name yo!!! my homie/artist Chase Dolla$ gave me that name. Shout out to Chaseo make sure yall check out his myspace page too, he has a few of the tracks of his mixtape (Show me the Money) on there. Chase has been working hard expanding the Career Crookz Records Brand in the mid west with some new singles and this mixtape as well as a new album entitled "the Road 2 Riches" on the way. Born in Brooklyn NY and raised in Detroit Michigan we immediately connected with our ambitious drive for cash flow. He came on board in 2006 as a Artist and is now President of the company as well. We are looking foward to following my "Main Event" Album with his first solo album. So make sure you check him out!!!!!

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