Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Career Crookz Records - Shake Down

Blog Spot Welcome back ya boy!!!! Blog Spot Poster Child lol.

its been over a month since we've held this organized gathering to discuss the considerably significant happenings of my day to day life style. Well itz back to the Lifestyles of the Hood - Rich and the Famous. It is clear that Career Crookz Records and runs DC. Shout out to Shakedown Records ( Bullet & Red Cafe!!!). New Record on the way "Trendsetta" Remix featuring RED CAFE. But yeah everything is everything....we've been taking over the club as usually...but now we getting ready to make the jump to ATL then South Beach! So May 22th thru the 27th you can catch Slizzy Surfin it (I'm Wavy on em). So in order to prepare for this massive take over of Miami I've decided to finally finish my tattoo sleeves on my arms and invest in a new chain (Shout out to Kaye of the District that's my Jeweler!!!). Make sure ya'll support that new Red Cafe "Hottest in the Hood" shit is heavy tho. Ladies hit me up to find out how you can get involved with the movement. Blogspot shoot me idea's for my tattoos (lmao) itz Movinnnnn lol

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