Thursday, June 4, 2009

M.I.A. Literally

Okay Bloggaz Slizzy iz back!!!!!

I am probably the worst blogger to ever blog I know but I now am turning over a new leaf!!! lol

Ive most recently been cheating on blogspot with Twitter (shout out to Twitterberry on my blackberry!!! definitely poppin tho) yall can log on and follow Tai Slumz today at to catch up on what ya boy has been doing these last 2 months. Im fresh back in town from Miami enjoying some R&R for Memorial Day Wknd...Slizzy and Sonny Johnson shut down South Beach (Shout out to Red Cafe & Shakedown Fam, Loso & Street Fam, Un Kasa & Dipset, DJ Putta, Justice, DJ Drama & AMG and anyone else I fuckz with and ran into). All in all it was a good gettaway I actually got a chance to meet a Cape Verdian hottie!!! yall niggas need to catch up lol ( Holla at me Red).

I linked up with Coby P out in the Lou (for those untraveled folk thats St. Louis lol) and he has delivered two certified hit records for the Main Event Album (Career Crookz Records) in the forms of the swag anthem "Trendsetta" feat Federro & Red Cafe and Captivating Club Smash "Take You Home" feat. Bryant Stewart.

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